Types of CRM systems?



The effective operation of a company depends on the quantity and quality of the goods sold.  But the sales department receives a lot of information, and here it is impossible to do without the use of special software tools and salesforce consulting services.  Therefore, the issue of automating this structural unit is always relevant.


 In order to significantly improve the quality of work in the shortest possible time and control the sale process as much as possible, you need to pay attention to the existing services.


 1. Delta CRM system is designed to automate business processes and control financial resources.  It has some distinctive features.  With its help, it is possible to fully automate the promotion of a certain employee up the career ladder.  Also in Delta CRM there is something like a social network - profiles of personnel and customers, as well as a customized messaging system.  Integration with IP-telephony Gravitel provides the ability to communicate with the client by phone and listen to these recordings.


 2. Monitor CRM provides access to marketing and management reporting.  The introduction of such a system significantly speeds up the process of responding to market demands.  Also, when using this service, less effort and time is spent on marketing analysis, and this is a rather important point in times of crisis.  Here you can track the rating, development trends and all the necessary data regarding the assortment.


 3. Service Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 provides for the collection of information about all customers who use the services of the company.  Thanks to the implementation of this system, it is possible to completely abandon complex Excel tables.


 4. Flexible platform Infor CRM is an excellent tool for productive customer relationship management.  It can help you increase the number of closed deals, manage the sales funnel, analyze the return on marketing investments, and also increase the level of customer satisfaction from working with the company.  Infor CRM is easily integrated with other business applications.  Here it is possible to develop configurations of the client and directly the server part of the application, as well as to deal with the procedure for automating business processes.


 5. Terrasoft CRM pays special attention to existing tasks.  The interface of this application resembles MS Outlook.  This service is recommended for planning tasks of the marketing department that are focused on direct sales.


 The use of a specific system for automating the sales department ensures the completeness of the information, as well as their maximum reliability.  At the same time, the necessary information becomes available in full to all interested parties.  And in order to correctly select such a system and set up the work, it is best to contact the salesforce consultancy.  And then you can definitely confidently increase your profits.